Motor Vehicle Registration

If you have registered your car here in Hiram previously  and are just re-registering it  you will need to bring in the actual current mileage and proof of insurance and the previous registration.  If you are new to town but have previously registered your car in Maine we do need the most recent car registration along with mileage and the insurance card. 

For a new registration you would need a bill of sale, title or title application on any vehicle that is 1995 or newer, the  window sticker if it is a new vehicle,  actual current mileage and proof of insurance. 

We must see a current proof of insurance on all vehicles. We can accept both electronic and printed copies of insurance cards. Please make sure that you have a current card or access to your electronic card prior to coming in.  You can have your insurance agency fax us a copy of your insurance card if needed, the fax number is 625-7635.  

You can process your renewal or request a duplicate through the State by selecting the Rapid Renewal link to the right.  Other motor vehicle services are available on the State of Maine website such as vanity plate search and renewal of your drivers license.

Rapid Renewal

Need to register your car but can't get to the office? Then Rapid Renewal may just be the answer. With a  few clicks of the mouse you can register your car from the comforts of your home

printable Car Registration Information

Car Registration (pdf)