Stanley Pond

ATV's, Boats and Snowmobiles

The previous registration is helpful for processing both new and re- registrations on all types of vehicles. New registrations from a private sale require a valid bill of sale which must include the vehicle identification number (VIN) the previous owners name, address and amount paid. If the previous registration is not available please try to bring in either the registration number located on the hull of the boat or the registration sticker number and year for ATV's and snowmobiles, this helps us verify the vehicle information should it already be in the MOSES system.  If purchased from a dealer please bring in all documents from the sale.  

For a re-registration the previous registration is extremely helpful but not necessary. Most re-registrations can be done online if you choose by clicking here. ( This will open a new website)

For all licenses and registrations proof of residency is required.  

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

May be purchased here at the Town Office if you have a previous license please bring it with you or the MOSES number assigned to you if possible.  For a new license you would need to bring in proof of residency and completion of any required courses.  Most licensees can be purchased online by clicking here. (This will take you to a new website)

Laws and Rule Books

Due to the increase usage of technology, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has reduced the number and type of publications available here at the town office. We currently have limited rule books for both fishing and hunting. The books for both ATV's and snowmobiles are available to be downloaded to your smartphone or home computer.  Click here for the link for those books. 

Resident Lifetime Licenses

Lifetime licenses for hunting, fishing and archery are now available to residents who are 65 years or older and those who are 15 years old or younger. Click here for an application and detailed information.  In the office we can sell the 70 and over lifetime licenses only. All other licenses must be initially purchased Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. 

Snowmobile Clubs

The Town of Hiram currently supports two local snowmobile clubs, the Hiram Hill Climbers and the Sacopee Valley Snowdrifters.  Contact  the office for current contact information for the clubs if you are interested in joining or have any questions regarding our local trails.